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What’s in a name?

«A strong woman, to me, is a woman who knows who she is- someone who is confident, competent, and authentic. A strong woman supports others, inspires those around her, and never compromises her values » - Tessa Virtue-



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Tessa Virtue and skating partner Scott Moir performing their signature move « The goose ».


Virtue. It is a rare quality isn’t it? Well, Canadian Ice dancer Tessa Virtue seems to carry it as a last name and in life in the best possible way. It is like she was born to bear that particular last name.



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I respect women that have virtue left in them and their image very much. Now this is something quite hard to do and rare nowadays among successful people, wouldn’t you think so? I personally think so.”Celebrity” women especially seem to not have a lot of virtue in the way they are, act and dress today. I do believe they could have it if they really wanted to.



Tessa Virtue is a rare breath of fresh air always being so nice and proper. The image she portrays is so different from other women “celebrities”, although nobody is perfect of course.


Being a born dancer she has such amazing grace, elegance and poise. She is usually going for           the more modest side of wardrobe choices. A woman is so much more beautiful that way! Wouldn’t you agree?

She reminds me of a modern Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn. She is the perfect example of “less is more” usually choosing classic timeless outfits and accessories with nothing in your face about them. I really believe we need more classy women like her in the world to lead the next generation of women and to be role models to them. (Do you want to know a secret? shgh! She is personally one of my biggest role models and inspirations)!


May many girls and women follow her lead in showing the world you don’t have to wear or say inappropriate things to be popular and have success! There is another way. A better way! A way that allows parents to let their daughters look up to that person without having to worry about the bad influence that particular woman could have on their little girl. You can be popular and successful while staying true to yourself and to your values.




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“Beauty is from the inside out!”-Tessa Virtue-


On the personality part, she is obviously very smart and wise beyond her years. She is a Psychology major. She is a hard worker. She also has more character strength than most people for winning Gold at the Vancouver Olympics injured and for keeping skating instead of retiring.



I still remember when I saw their Olympic Gold performance to Mahler’s Symphony N°5 on TV in 2010; I could clearly see two things in her green eyes: Determination and (apparent) calmness. That is not counting the immense sweetness that could be read in them as well. I just knew then they were going to win. Turns out I was right! What a commitment! What an inspiration!


She is smiley and gracious to everyone! She is always engaged in knowing her fans and their own personal stories. I just love that winning Olympic Gold in 2010 and Silver in 2014 as well as being a two- time World champion and 6 times National Champion didn’t change her at all. She exudes such class, calm, sweetness, kindness and humility it is easy to like her as a person.


Her raw honesty in interviews and in question responses on twitter is also something to be noted and appreciated. So many people lie to the Media and the Media often lies to people.


One more thing I have come to appreciate about her too is her amazing clean sense of humour and the way she doesn’t take herself too seriously! Also her smile lights up a room or a photo like no one else! It is seriously very contagious!


I have noticed Tessa is probably the kind of woman every guy would like to date.  Every girl probably secretly wishes to be her or at least to be her friend.


I wish to be a woman of virtue on the outside and on the inside. What an example to follow! She is pretty much everything I aspire to be as a woman! Will you join Tessa; join me and many other ladies in doing our best to be women of virtue and values?







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